Best Detective Agency in Delhi

Delhi is home to a very large variety of population. From the highly affluent areas to the areas of slums, the reports of crimes are increasing day by day. Although somewhere it is the matter of matrimonial issue and somewhere it is any other personal matter of relatives or property, it needs a proper investigation for one’s satisfaction and struggle for the right. Involving police in any investigation requires a lot of formalities and protocols, it makes the investigation open to public too therefore people tend to go to the private detectives. The detective agencies work in private and offer their clients all kinds of investigative services. In the cases of corporate frauds, adultery, financial frauds or any other pre and post matrimonial issues the first Indian detective agency provides these services to its clients with the help of its highly skilled and industry experienced detectives and private investigators.


Pre Matrimonial Investigation

First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is one of the best detective agencies in Delhi that offers clients its investigation services in Personal, corporate, adultery, financial matters. It also offers expert legal advice on these matters.

From testing the loyalty of your partner in the relationship to the money embezzling business partner, FIDA gives you top class investigation with quick and accurate reports with all the valid proofs and documents intact. It is the best detective agency in Delhi. In a city that never sleeps and work is always on, round the clock, our detectives take a deep dive into it and bring out for you the hidden truths and frauds. FIDA INDIA provides the strongest litigation assistance too.

We understand the uniqueness of the nature of every case and handle them accordingly. Each case is different, methods employed are different, inputs and outputs are unique, information made available to clients is different. We work in all the ways and provide a full report of the investigation by doing a 360 degree analysis.

The surveillance and shadowing services provided by our agency is excellent and unmatched with the audio and visual proofs in addition to the documents made available as proof of the investigation reports. Also, in the corporate world there is a cut throat competition and we understand the aims and ambitions of our clients. Hence, we provide all the inside information of the competitors and make you score better than your competition.

Contact FIDA INDIA, the best detective agency in Delhi for all the kinds of personal and corporate investigations.


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