Pre-Matrimonial Detective Agency

Getting married in life is one of the biggest decisions in life. We make a decision of sharing the whole of our life with someone new. We let someone in our personal world with this relationship and it has no place for secrets.  Every person dreams of getting a perfect life partner. We search for a number of compatibilities to make sure that our married life will remain happy ever after. Often it has been seen that in the pre nuptial negotiations there remain some secrets from both the parties be it the bride or the groom. Some of the things are deliberately hidden while the others are not paid heed to.  These little secrets that are not considered important in a pre nuptial talk become the biggest issues after the marriage. So, better be safe than sorry!

It is your right to know about your partner in a fairly transparent way. Getting into a new relationship is not bad but there cannot be any place for a doubt in heart. In the world of online matrimony profiles where most of the conversations are on real time chat, it is not safe to trust a person’s word without thoroughly verifying it. It is not the age where the bride and grooms family was introduced by one trustworthy person. This is the age of internet and social media. With its immense pros, there are cons too that cannot be avoided.


Post Matrimonial Detective Agency.jpg

A pre-matrimonial investigation, aka, pre-marital background search, is generally focused on two categories:

1) What has he/she not told you?  This covers the discovery that the husband/wife-to-be “forgot” to mention a previous arrest or two (if it was for trespassing, maybe not a big deal; if it was for domestic abuse or prostitution, probably worth knowing).

2) What has he/she given you false information about (i.e. lying)?

There is nothing wrong in being sure about the partner you are going to spend your life with. The first Indian Detective Agency provides pre matrimonial investigations. With the best team of highly skilled and experienced investigators, we provide thorough investigation of the cases involving advanced technology and faster results with proof such as important documents, audio or video proof. All the evidences, data and proof collected by the detectives are unambiguous. They make a strong case if there is any course of legal action required too. The investigation is done in absolute privacy; all the evidence and documents are shared only with the clients. The client can also remain anonymous if he/she wants too.

The kinds of doubts everyone has about their perspective bride/groom. Some of these are:

  • Financial Strength
  • Social Status / Reputation & Greediness
  • Any Previous Marriage
  • Any Divorce in the past
  • Any Love Affair (Past or Present) of Boy/Girl
  • Job/ Business Profile
  • Habits & Drug Abuse
  • Temperament of the Boy/Girl (Most Important)

All these pre matrimonial investigations are provided by FIDA with valid evidences and proofs as per the requirement of the clients. For any services of such kind, contact the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA).


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