Employee Background Check | FIDA

First Indian detective agency is India’s leading and foremost detective agency that offers thorough employee background check and conduct private investigation as per your demand. They offer their clients all kinds of investigative services under a single roof with the help of advanced technology and a well experience and highly skilled team of professional investigators and detectives. It is one of the best private detective agencies that provide all kinds of personal and private investigations. FIDA is India’s largest detective agency handling forensic services and cyber crime investigation in India. They proffer their clients’ special detective services on all legal, corporate, matrimonial and financial matters. They have a team of professional detectives and investigators who will unravel the truth and will keep your case confidential thereby exposing the reality. FIDA agents proficiently provide you paramount advices and help you in solving legal and financial apprehensions. FIDA has an extensive network of detectives and investigators spreading across the whole country. Their agents are well equipped with high-tech technological gadgets (GPS tracker, cyber softwares etc.)to conduct prolific research and investigation and solve cases.

Their team of investigating officers and skilled detectives are the strengths and backbone of this firm. One of the most important facets of first Indian detective agency is that they keep confidentiality and privacy of their clients and after the case is solved they destroy all the material gathered during the process of investigation. The agents of first Indian detective agency make a deep investigation about Employee Background Check thereby screening current and prospective employees. They authenticate employee’s qualification, degree, and certificate, tenure of employment coupled with candidates’ credentials, skills and weaknesses.


Employee background check

FIDA verification services investigate:

  1. Education Verification:

Education verification is mostly done to verify employees’ degree, certification, training and educational claims. Educational verification is vital as it confirms that the certificates and credentials provided by the applicants are all true. FIDA agents assist in authenticating academic credentials such as degree/diploma by contacting the educational university verifying candidates’ records.

  1. Employment history verification:

FIDA agents will conduct a history verification process thereby verifying employees’ background and previous work experiences such as tenure of employment, reason for leaving the job, the designation an employee hold in his previous job etc. Employment history verification includes verification of all the companies the employee last worked for, date of employment, salary earned etc.

  1. Employee criminal record verification:

FIDA agents check for employees’ criminal record and ensure that the employee has not committed any crime and has no offense of civil litigation. They conduct a detail verification of candidates background check and hold a record validation thereby ensuring that the candidate does not have any criminal connection or offensive charges on him.

  1. Multiple Address Verification:

FIDA detectives carry out address verification process to confirm the authenticity of candidates’ current, previous and permanent address. This process adds in company’s security for all time to come.

  1. Comprehensive Database Verifications:

The investigating team of FIDA conducts comprehensive database verification to check whether the candidate has ever been reported on any global regulatory body and has sanction violations list casing international sources such as FBI, EU, UN etc. They conduct comprehensive background check to uncover problems and issues hidden in applicants’ history and discover fraudulent claims.

  1. Counterparty Verifications Service:

FIDA agents demeanor a detailed information analysis and comprise customized questionnaires for the candidates thereby checking the capabilities and credentials on various counter companies for industry sectors such as financial services, banking insurance etc.

  1. Workplace Drug Abuse testing:

Alcohol and drug abuse is one of the major problems in workplace environment. In order to cope up from work stress employees are often found indulging in drug and alcohol usage which is an expensive problem for business and industry. It is important to maintain a healthy and peaceful work environment but if an employee taking alcohol during work may disrupt the work setting and can result in low productivity, absenteeism, fatalities, low employee moral etc. Thus, in order to avoid this FIDA agent’s verifies Employee Background Check  like employee’s medical reports to confirm whether the employee is an alcoholic or not through their workplace drug abuse verification process.

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