Pre-Marriage Investigation | First Detective Agency

First detective agency (FDA) is India’s foremost private detective agency that aims to uncover facts and provide best possible solutions to the clients.FDA is well established organization that handles investigation as per the requirements of the client. They have a team of extremely effectual investigators, detectives, IT experts that strive to handover quality results. FDA agents keep the case confidential and do not conduct open investigations like government agencies. The foremost aim of first detective agency is to provide authentic report to the clients. They have a team of skilled and experienced investigators who deals with all types of cases such as corporate Inquiry, personal inquiry, fraud Inquiry, loyalty Inquiry, surveillance investigation or the matrimonial Inquiry and others. They have a team of highly trained investigators who will efficiently assist you in solving your financial and legal concerns.

Their private investigators are capable of resolving and giving assistance on any investigative issue. Their prime motive is not to defame clients’ image and protect their anonymity. They will keep your case confidential thereby digging out the truth and exposing the reality. Their team has collaboration with many big MNC’s and private corporate investigation groups. Their detectives deal with cases involving financial fraud, extramarital affairs, theft, forgery, disloyalty, divorce, murders ,threats, financial loss, property issues and many more and use high-tech equipments such as GPS tracker, cyber software, sting operation devices etc.

First detective agency strives to provide information that is truly authentic and verified. They are one of the most reputed matrimonial agencies in Delhi that aims for customer satisfaction. One of the most important decisions in life is of marriage and a marriage is only successful if you find a good and lovable partner. First detective agency assists their clients in knowing their better half in a better way. Pre marriage investigation guides clients to choose a better partner for a better life. FDA provides their clients pre marriage investigation services to make them aware of their partner’s job, business reputation, temperament, character, relationships, criminal records and general habits.

  1. Investigating your partner’s family background:

The investigators of First detective agency conduct pre marriage investigation by determining your partner’s family background and checking whether the family has ever been involved in any legal or criminal issues. They conduct a comprehensive investigation thereby gathering all information about your partner’ behavior and family reputation.FDA agents ensures that you do not end up with a wrong partner and hence they keep an eye on all the members of the family and provide you all the relevant information about family’s societal reputation, behavior of each family member especially mother-in-laws.


  1. Cross checking the relationship status:

Many a time people lie about their current relationship status when they are getting married. Marriage involves families consent and usually people try to conceal their relationship status and majorly are being forced to get married.FDA agents through their pre marriage investigation investigate the current relationship status of your partner. They conduct this inquiry by keeping an eye on your partner’s social media accounts, phone directories and investigating at school and employment places. FDA agents also investigate about the marital status of your partner and test your partner’s loyalty by going through marriage registration records and other facts available. People usually try to conceal this information at the time of marriage as they feel if exposed it can break their marriage.

  1. Investigating financial details about your partner:

FDA aims for client’s welfare and ensures that their client finds the best life partner who is financially strong so that the client does not have to struggle for money. They do not want you to end up in a wrong and deceptive marriage where you are struggling financially because your partner swindles you by boasting about their high financial status at the time of marriage. FDA agents evaluate your partners’ income, residence ownership; vehicles owned etc. and confirm if there is any loan or mortgage on the subject.

  1. Determining the health status of your partner:

The investigators of First detective agency verify whether your partner has any major illness, infirmity or any deteriorating health issue. Health is a serious subject matter and usually people tend to conceal this information but these hidden issues when comes out in the open may result in severe husband wife quarrel and many a times may result in divorce.  FDA agents through their pre marriage investigation services investigate your partner’s medical reports and medical appointments to uncover whether you partner is suffering from any severe health issues.


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