Private Detective Agency in Delhi

Private Detective Agencies conduct private investigations and inquiry in cases like divorce matters, insurance matters, criminal cases for the specific Individual or group. Presently, the Private Detective Agencies are not required to be registered or to have a license in order to operate in India as there is no such law in order to regulate the activities of Private detective agencies and the private detectors hired by such agencies FIDA is the Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi. However, bill to provide a system of licensing for such Agencies and to regulate their conduct has been introduced as Private Detective Agencies (Regulation) Bill, 2007 but is still pending in the parliament.

Private Investigating Agencies Is Legal in India or not?

Private Investigation Agencies are legal in India but there is no law to regulate the conduct of such agencies. Government hardly have any control over these agencies. They are free to operate in India without any restrictions because of absence any law to regulate them.Since 2007 the bill of Private Regulation is still pending in parliament. The proposed bill seeks to bring the Private Detective Agencies within the scope of Legal ambit in order to obviate the Agencies to get involved in illegal Activities like terrorism, Naxalism etc.

Working Of Private Detective Agencies

Private Detective Agencies work through the Private Detective hired by them. The working of Private Detective Agencies is divided into 2 parts-

  1. Private Investigation– The Private Detectives conduct an investigation for particular Individual. They do not have the power to apprehend or hamper any person like the police. The Private Detectives conduct the Investigation by various highly proceed technological products like-
  • Spy Camera and Transmitters
  • Private Investigation Software
  • Mobile surveillance software
  • Spy Microphone and Transmitters
  • GPS device to track the person, vehicle etc
  • Mobile phone Jammer
  • Microscope
  • Hidden cameras
  • Other Innovative Devices
  1. Private Security No training is provided to the Private Securities in India. Some of the Main cases which generally comes within the ambit of Private Detective Agencies are-
  • Matters Relating to Pre-Marital affairs
  • Matters Relating to pre and post-employment affairs
  • Matters Relating to Marital Disputes
  • Matters Relating to Kidnapping
  • Monitoring the Activities of Children.

Evidences Collected By Private Detective Agencies

The Private Detective plays an important role in resolving the cases. The Evidence fetched by the Private Detective which help both the judges in deciding the case and the lawyers in strengthening their client’s case with the help of that evidence, as highly esoteric equipment are used by them to collect such evidence FIDA the Best and Reliable Detective Agency in Delhi . The Kinds of Evidence that can be collected by the Private Detectives are-

Testimonial Evidence – Evidence given by the witness under an oath before a court of law either in-

  • Written

Therefore, where the Private detective perceive or hear anything said by any person, it is admissible as a Testimonial Evidence.

Documentary Evidence – The Evidence in the form of Document found by a Private Detective either in the form of-

  • Real;
  • Original; or
  • Hearsay

Physical Evidence – Real evidence that exists in the form of physical objects like Fingerprints. Such Physical evidence collected by Private Detectives can be validly produced before the court of law in the form of-

  • Image
  • Video
  • Document

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