Best National Investigation Agencies | First Indian Detective


First detective agency is India’s foremost and prominent private detective agency. They have a team of experienced professionals who have expertise on all matters and are capable of resolving cases and giving assistance on any investigative issue worldwide. They work vigorously 24*7 to provide authentic and verified reports to their clients. The most dynamic aspect of first detective agency is that they offer confidentiality in investigation and clients’ privacy is always protected by FDA agents or private investigators. First detective agency has an accomplished team of forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, anti-corruption specialist team, legal counselors, detectives, and skilled investigating officers. They have collaboration with many big MNC’s and corporate investigating services. One such investigating service is national investigation agency.

About national investigation agency : 

National investigation agency has been providing private investigation services across whole India. They have clients from various corporate and industrial sectors including law firms, insurance companies, big established corporations etc. The investigators of national investigation agency will provide you appropriate expertise in unraveling criminal cases. Their workforce includes highly trained police officers, professional investigators, document verification experts, industry experts and so on. National investigation agency is India’s central agency which was legally established by Indian government to fight against terrorism in India.  It is a highly professional investigative agency that aims to establish supreme standards in countering terrorism.

They have developed a strong workforce of trained NIA agents, police, combat forces who efficiently solve other national security related issue by dealing it at national level. National investigation agency aims a creating a combat force that valiantly puts a battle against terrorist groups. National investigation agency has developed a storehouse of terrorist related information. They keep all the files and documents confidential.


Aim of National investigation agency

  • National investigation agency aims at developing a comprehensive in-depth understanding of violence and infractions thereby conducting a professional investigation by using scientific and technological systems in order to resolve cases as efficiently as possible.
  • National investigation agency aims at setting up high international standards and ensures effective and immediate investigative process.
  • National investigation agency’s vision is to make their organization deeply professional and result oriented thereby abiding by the laws, rules and regulations of constitution of India. They ensure that the integrity and dignity of an individual is maintained and gives utmost importance to the protection of human rights.
  • National investigation agency aims at developing a potent work force that is effectual enough to combat terrorism and other national issues. This can be achieved thorough professional training and regular practice so that the team display progressive resolute sprit and efficiently performs the assigned duties.
  • National investigation agency aims at maintaining amiable and healthy relationship with other private and law enforcement agencies in India such as first detective agency. NIA also aims to establish cordial relations with high bureaucrats and governments of state and union territories.
  • NIA intent to craft a record and data base of all terrorist information. These records and documentations are kept confidential and are only shared with government officials of states or other detective agencies such as First detective agency (FDA).

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