Pre & Post Matrimonial Detective agency in Delhi

dtective agency in delhi

Pre Matrimonial Investigation
Know your partner before it’s too late.
FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) is a leading private detective agency in Delhi NCR, specialized in pre matrimonial investigation and the best pre matrimonial investigation agency. We assist you in spending happy marital life by providing multiple major details of your potential partner. We help you in knowing your better half in a better way.

Why is it necessary to undergo pre-matrimonial investigation?
Doubts or suspicions in a marital relation may lead to divorce or at a worse situation like the fight, conspiracy or death.
The ratio of divorce in India is around 13 per 1,000 marriages.
According to BBC, about once every 5 minutes an accident of domestic violence is reported in India under the legal definition of “cruelty by husband or his relatives”.
Our Assistance for pre-marital investigation in Delhi

Being a leading pre matrimonial investigation Company in Delhi we give you peace of mind for the further proceeding of marriage or get ready to tie a knot. Our investigation lets you take the right decision of marriage and saves your precious life from getting into a worse married life experience and we are the best pre matrimonial investigation agency. This is necessary that you will know each and every thing related to that person to avoid any of the future problems. We offer professional service that helps in getting the detail information about that person in the form of Pre matrimonial investigation. The information should completely be kept secret.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

It may be possible that your potential partner has never introduced you to his/her friends. Maybe he/she is avoiding it to provide his/her whereabouts. Maybe he/she hesitates to discuss the past. Possibly, you don’t know where he/she works or worry that he/she lies about his/her work position or salary. There may be a chance of affair and abusive nature. On another hand, you are in a happy relationship and just want to sure that everything is fine. Whatever the reason for pre-matrimonial verification we will do with dedication and commitment.
We are expert at
Matrimonial background check – family, relations, status, financial reputation
Any love affair (present or past)
Any divorce case
Any previous marriage
Bad habits like drug, alcohol
Job or business profile
Process for Verifications
We have set a work standard to provide you with accurate and honest information. We collect your future partner basic details from you and then start the investigation. Our investigators are an expert in collecting evidence that can prove his/her honesty or dishonesty, habits, affair or any information that you want to get.
Issues we cover in pre matrimonial investigation in delhi are as follows-
Family background
Financial status
Employment/business details
Concealed previous marriage/divorce
Criminal Activity
Why choose (FIDA)
Investigation by expert and experienced team
Promise to provide accurate and honest report
Endeavour to provide you report with evidence
Maintain work honesty and timely service
Customize investigation according to your needs
Offers affordable background check services
Maintain 100% work privacy

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