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The terms forensic investigator and forensic investigation are part of our cultural identity. They can be found in the news, on television, and in film. They are invoked, generally, to imply that highly trained personnel will be collecting some form of physical evidence with eventual scientific results that cannot be questioned or bargained with. In other words, they are invoked to imply the reliability, certainty, and authority of a scientific inquiry. Forensics are the scientific methods used to solve a crime FIDA is the best Detective Agency for Forensic Investigation. Forensic investigation is the gathering and analysis of all crime-related physical evidence in order to come to a conclusion about a suspect. Investigators will look at blood, fluid, or fingerprints, residue, hard drives, computers, or other technology to establish how a crime took place complete forensic investigation by FIDA. This is a general definition, though, since there are a number of different types of forensics.
Types of Forensic Investigation:
Forensic Accounting / Auditing
A forensic accounting investigation aids the victims of fraud or financial crimes. Also known as financial investigation, this kind of analysis uses intelligence-gathering techniques, accounting, business, and communication skills to provide evidence to attorneys involved in criminal and civil investigations FIDA provides the best Forensic Investigation services. They investigate by combing through a large amount of relevant figures, searching for irregularities or illegal financial practices. Crimes can vary from tax evasion to theft of company assets. They also look into insurance claims and high payouts.

Forensic accounting services can include:
Searching for hidden assets
Calculating lost wages
Tracing misappropriated funds
Performing fraud investigations

Forensic Computer or Cyber Forensics
Computer investigations are similar to electronic discovery (or e-discovery). These forensic investigations recover data from computers and hard drives to solve a crime or find evidence of misconduct. Computer investigators can uncover things like sale of black market goods, fraud, and sex trafficking. Some common situations that call for computer investigation are divorce, wrongful termination, employee internet abuse, unauthorized disclosure of corporate information, and other illegal internet activity FIDA is the best detective agency in Delhi for forensic investigation. Forensic computer investigations can find information on cell phones and hard drives including emails, browsing history, downloaded files, and even deleted data. One of the first cases in which computer forensics lead to a conviction involved the messages exchanged in an online chat room.
Crime Scene Forensics
Crime scene investigations document and gather any physical evidence found at a crime scene in order to solve a crime or determine whether a crime has taken place. This kind of investigation also includes the analysis of what investigators collect to ensure the evidence is credible and relevant top and best forensic investigation services by FIDA. There are a wide range of crime scene investigators like ballistics experts, who study the trajectory of ammunition and match bullets to potential firearms, and deontologists, who specialize in teeth and bite-marks to identify missing persons or victims of mass disaster.
Forensic Archaeology
Forensic archaeology focuses on human remains that are severely decomposed. They mainly focus on clues they can glean from the bones, including carbon dating to determine their age best forensic investigation services. From these clues, they can sometimes establish cause-of-death. If a mass grave is discovered or in the event of large casualties, forensic archaeologists can identify the victims using facial reconstruction software.
Forensic Entomology
Forensic entomology is the study of any insects found at a crime scene. Alive or dead, these bugs can reveal where a crime took place, whether the victim had been given drugs, and the time of death. Some insects are only found in specific areas so finding them on a body can suggest whether a body was moved complete forensic investigation services in Delhi. The presence of larvae in a body can also suggest how long a victim has been dead. If the crime isn’t a murder, insects will still occupy untreated wounds in abuse cases or identify the origin of illegally imported goods, like cannabis.



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