Labour Case Detectives in Delhi

FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) are having one of the best and recognized Labour Cases Detective in Delhi. FIDA private detective known for the best performer in labor cases as we are using advanced devices and the we are putting all efforts to get the evidences FIDA is having best Labour Case Detectives. FIDA having professionally… Continue reading Labour Case Detectives in Delhi

Best Fraud Investigator in Delhi | FIDA

Fraud investigation verifies whether a scam or a fraud has been allegedly committed and tries to establish evidence if a fraudulent conspiracy has occurred. There are many cases in which a company is indicted of committing fraud. For example if a company claim about the proficiency and quality of the product but at the back… Continue reading Best Fraud Investigator in Delhi | FIDA

Best Matrimonial Detective Agency in India Call Us : 8010703710

FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) is ISO 2008-9001 certified company offering professional services, is needed at every step to get accurate and comprehensive information on potential business partners, the would-be-spouse including the financial, business and legal standing. When forming business associations, making marriage alliances, hiring someone at the workplace is a high-risk game in the world full… Continue reading Best Matrimonial Detective Agency in India Call Us : 8010703710

Background Investigation Detective Agency in Delhi

No matter what career you choose to pursue in criminology, there’s no escaping the criminal justice background check. The sensitive nature of the jobs, combined with the high level of trust and authority that the public gives to criminology professionals, requires that candidates be of the highest moral character. Of course the system isn’t perfect, but… Continue reading Background Investigation Detective Agency in Delhi

Employee Background Check | FIDA

First Indian detective agency is India’s leading and foremost detective agency that offers thorough employee background check and conduct private investigation as per your demand. They offer their clients all kinds of investigative services under a single roof with the help of advanced technology and a well experience and highly skilled team of professional investigators… Continue reading Employee Background Check | FIDA